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Your Professional Chess Set.

Everywhere You Go.

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Key Features

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Roll-up board made of Thick environmentally-friendly rubber. The board will lay flat on your table. Stain, UV, and scratch resistant

 folds into the carry bag in one minute


All pieces are made of rigid plastic in Staunton style.
The bottoms are felted to prevent scratches on the board.

Official dimensions, exceeds all US Chess Federation and FIDE requirements.

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If you are not satisfied, you will get your money back or a 99% off coupon for a brand new set.

Made of the finest durable materials, all are environmentally friendly to ensure constant use for many years and pleasant touch.

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Carry bag with lots of space. Big enough to include a chess timer, convenient to travel around with a shoulder strap.

Our unique booklet will help you learn from famous chess matches, each game has a matching video tutorial on our website.
The booklet also includes official record sheets.

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20% OFF

And more chess videos, puzzles, openings,
and all kinds of chess content.

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