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Creative Thinking

Selection Of Chess Videos & Puzzles:

We update our collection on weekly basis, stay tuned!

Zawadzka vs. Paehtz, Antakya 2010

“Cunning Tactics!”

Elisabeth Pähtz (born in 1985) is a German Woman Grandmaster. She is the daughter to a German...

Taimanov vs. Karpov, Leningrad 1977

“A Creative Trap!”

Anatoly Karpov, born 1951 in Russia, became Grandmaster at the age of 19 and won more tournaments than...

Waffenschmidt vs. Eidinger, Baden Baden 1998

“Keep an Open Mind!”

Joachim Waffenschmidt was born in 1980 and lives in Germany. He is a good player, but not quite top level...

Filguth vs de La Garza Madero, Mexico 1980

“Offensive Withdrawal”

Rubens Filguth, born in Brazil in 1956, is a Brazilian IRS
accountant, a writer of several chess books, and...

Botvinnik vs. Sharov, Leningrad 1928

“Exploiting an Opponent's Weakness”

Mikhail Botvinnik was born in 1911 in Russia. Together with chess he was also passionate about electrical engineering and was...

Flohr vs. Grob, Arosa 1933

“Psychology In Action”

Salo Flohr, born in 1908, had a troubled childhood. Both parents were killed during World War I. He managed to escape...

Shuvalova vs Afonasieva, Mumbai 2019

“Not a Material Girl!”

Polina Shuvalova, born 2001 in Orsk, southern Russia, was rated “Woman Grandmaster” when only 18. She gained...

Iturrizaga vs Aditya, Sharjah 2019

“Stick to the plan!”

Aditya Mittal, the author of a successful chess blog, is a talented Indian kid who became an International Master in...

Gazik vs. Mendonca, New Delhi 2019


Viktor Gažík, born 2001, is a Slovak young player who earned the title of International Master at the age of...

Andersson vs. Hartston, Hastings 1973

“A Top Level Blunder!”

Hartston, in Black, isn’t impressed by the fact that he is rated far below Andersson and plays nice open game...

Fischer vs. Sherwin, NY 1957

“Young Fischer calculates one step ahead!”

Bobby Fischer, born in Chicago in 1943, is considered by some analysts as the greatest chess mind of...

Janssen vs. Sokolov, Leeuwarden 2002

“This Train Has Several Stops!”

Ruud Janssen was born in 1979 in the Netherlands. He makes a living as a business intelligence...

Geller vs. Gufeld, Moscow 1961

"Never Lose Hope"

Efim Petrovich Geller, born in 1925, was a Soviet grandmaster. He excelled at basketball, and was a doctor in physical...

Shirov vs. Kramnik, Groningen 1993

“Consider All Options!”

Vladimir Kramnik, born in Russia in 1975, was the world chess champion for 7 years after defeating

Bartolovich vs. Abkin, St. Petersburg 1902

“Too Late or Too Early?”

In this episode, we will touch again on a few concepts we have mentioned before, using a famous example from a game held...

Korchnoi vs. Spassky, Belgrade 1977

“Promotion Race!”

Victor Korchnoi and Boris Spassky, both from Leningrad, were bitter opponents for over 40 years, meeting...

Artemiev vs Nepomniachtchi, online 2020

“the King’s cage”

Ian Nepomniachtchi, nickname Nepo, is a Russian Grandmaster, ranked as 4th in the world in 2020. In June 2020 he played...

Polgar vs. Mamedyarov, Bled 2002

“Off the mainline!”

Judit Polgár is considered the strongest female chess player of all time. She is Hungarian but also keeps...

Aleksandrov vs Reinderman, Holland 1992

“Forcing Moves”

Aleksej Aleksandrov (born 1973) is a Belarusian chess grandmaster. His peak rating was...

Bagirov vs. Kholmov, Baku 1961

“Maneuvering a Discovered Attack”

Vladimir Bagirov, born 1936 in Soviet Baku, today Azerbaijan, was a Soviet Grandmaster who was also the...

Alekhine vs. Euwe, Rotterdam 1937

”Intuition Can Get Dangerous”

In general, when contemplating our arsenal of possible moves, we should work against our basic...

Kasparov vs. Karpov, London 1986

“The Power of a Quiet Move!”

In this episode, we will touch on what sometimes seems to be a “quiet move” – not a capture or heroic sacrifice, and yet...

Petrosian vs. Kotkov, Leningrad 1946

“A Trap and a Counter Trap!”

Tigran Petrosian was born 1929 in Tiflis, today Tbilisi, in Georgia. After the war, in 1946, his Armenian parents...

Denis Khismatullin vs Pavel Eljanov, Jerusalem 2015

“The Mighty Queen!”

Denis Khismatullin, born in 1984, is the first grandmaster from Bashkortostan, a federal republic in...

Zambrana vs Krush, Buenos Aires 2003


Irina Krush is the first American female Grandmaster. She writes in a popular chess magazine and also...

Nimzowitsch vs. Nielsen, Copenhagen 1930

“Get rid of this Bishop!”

Aron Nimzowitsch was born 1886 to a Jewish family in Riga, today Latvia. He became the third best player in...

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