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Flohr vs. Grob
1933 Arosa

Can White play and avoid checkmate??


Check Your Answer Down Below!


“Psychology In Action”

Flohr vs. Grob, Arosa 1933

Salo Flohr, born in 1908, had a troubled childhood. He was born to a Jewish family in what was then Galicia, now Ukraine. Both parents were killed during World War I. He managed to escape to Prague, where he used his chess skills by challenging people to play for money, moving from one café to another.

Within 10 years or so he became a national hero and a famous celebrity in Czechoslovakia, and later on a World Championship nominate.

Henri Grob was born in Switzerland in 1904 and became an International Master. He developed some eccentric chess openings and was also a known painter.

In 1933 the two met in Arosa, a small town in Switzerland.
We are in the first round, and after 23 moves the game seems to be balanced...
Watch the video for more!

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