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Andersson vs. Hartston
Hastings 1973

Black to force Mate in 2.

When precision and creativity blend into art...


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“A Top Level Blunder!”

Andersson vs. Hartston, Hastings 1973

This game from 1973 is between Ulf Andersson, Sweden champion who was rated 4th worldwide at his peak, and William Hartston from the UK, a Jewish-English journalist and chess GM.

The game was held in Hastings UK, as part of the famous “Hastings Premier tournament” which happens every end of year.

Hartston, in Black, isn’t impressed by the fact that he is rated far below Andersson and plays nice open game. The game is balanced, but White has two strong bishops and is refusing time after time to exchange pieces.

Watch out this one, with Black Bishop, and he will be sorry soon.
However, after 35 moves, White makes a huge blunder in the attempt to win a Pawn...
Watch the video for more!

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