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Denis Khismatullin vs. Pavel Eljanov
Jerusalem 2015

Can White avoid losing the game, or is it over?


Check Your Answer Down Below!


“The Mighty Queen!”

Denis Khismatullin vs Pavel Eljanov, Jerusalem 2015

Denis Khismatullin, born in 1984, is the first grandmaster from Bashkortostan, a federal republic in Russia.

In 2015 he played in the European Individual Championship, held in Jerusalem, Israel, against Pavel Eljanov from Ukraine. Eljanov, playing in Black, was rated 74 points higher, however, he learned an important lesson here about how dangerous a free queen can be, when positioned deep into his own yard.

We are 41 moves into the game, and White is in trouble. His “isolated Pawn” on C file is unguarded, while Black already has a dangerous “passed Pawn”, in the 3rd rank, safely supported from behind by a Rook...
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