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Gazik vs. Mendonca
New Delhi 2019

Talented 13 years’ old Mendonca, in Black, plays and wins!
Can you see how?


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Gazik vs. Mendonca, New Delhi 2019

Viktor Gažík, born 2001, is a Slovak young player who earned the title of International Master at the age of 15.

Leon Luke Mendonca, from India, is 5 years younger and is rated quite below Gazik.
In 2019 the two met at the World Junior Championship held in New Delhi.

We are 42 moves into the game. And what a game it is! White is up in material, with 2 Queens. However 13 years old Mendonca, in Black, clearly sees White’s soft spot through the super chaotic board...
Watch the video for more!

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