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Waffenschmidt vs. Eidinger
Baden Baden 1998

Black to play. Can Black find a way out of this trap?


Check Your Answer Down Below!


“Keep an Open Mind!”

Waffenschmidt vs. Eidinger, Baden Baden 1998

Joachim Waffenschmidt was born in 1980 and lives in Germany. He is a good player, but not quite top level.

Helmut Eidinger was born in 1950 and lives in Switzerland.

In 1988, the two met in Baden-Baden, Germany. For the purpose of this episode, we will only focus on a small portion of the game. The full game, as always, can be found below the YouTube video.

We are at move 12, the game is still young, but something interesting, very interesting, is about to happen...
Watch the video for more!

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