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Aleksandrov vs. Reinderman
Holland 1992

White to play and win in 3 moves. Can you find how?


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“Forcing Moves”

Aleksandrov vs Reinderman, Holland 1992

Aleksej Aleksandrov (born 1973) is a Belarusian chess grandmaster. His peak rating was in 2004 and since then has gradually fallen, but we are still in 1992, when he is only 19.
Dimitri Reinderman was born in the Netherlands in 1972. He lives in Amsterdam and is known for his colored hair style and his involvement in the local digital scene. Yes, he is also a chess grandmaster.

In 1992 they played in the Under 20 European Junior Championship at Sas Van Gent, in the Netherlands.

The game presents a nice example of the “forcing moves” concept which is one of the fundamental chess principles. In short, if you can calculate a set of moves which will force your opponent to a final stage where you have the upper hand, you need not worry about the cost in the process, even if the sacrifice seems silly and counter intuitive. It is therefore always a good practice to calculate various forcing moves first.

Let’s see: After 42 moves, Aleksandrov in White is down one pawn but has two strong open bishops and is trying to penetrate the castle which Reinderman has built on his King side...
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