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Alekhine vs. Euwe
Rotterdam 1937

White to play.

White is threatening to Mate Black, if only he can find a way to move the black Knight on F6 square.
What would you do as White?


Check Your Answer Down Below!


”Intuition Can Get Dangerous”

Alekhine vs. Euwe, Rotterdam 1937

In general, when contemplating our arsenal of possible moves, we should work against our basic intuition, which leaves some options hidden in our blind spot.

Alexander Alekhine, born 1892 in Russia, is considered to be one of the greatest chess players of all time.
He was a son to a rich family, and as such wasn't too enthusiastic about the results of the October Revolution, therefore he moved to France in 1921. 6 years later, he became the 4th World Chess Champion, after defeating Capablanca.

When WWII broke out, Alekhine, already aged 48, left an international tournament to enlist in the French army, as a sanitation officer.
After the fall of France, he tried to escape to the USA, however the Nazis took custody of his wife, forcing him to surrender, and he reluctantly became Germany’s senior chess player.

Max Euwe was born 1901 near Amsterdam. In 1926, he earned his doctorate in mathematics and started to teach in a girls’ school.

In 1935, Euwe defeated Alekhine, and became the 5th world champion.
During the war, Euwe helped to save several Jewish chess players, and bravely refused to play in Germany.

We are now in 1937. It is the World Championship rematch in Rotterdam, Holland, and Alekhine, in White, is trying to reclaim the crown...
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