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Shirov vs. Kramnik
Groningen 1993

Black to play.

Can you find a way for Black, in one move, not only to avoid Checkmate, but to actually gain advantage?


Check Your Answer Down Below!


“Consider All Options!”

Shirov vs. Kramnik, Groningen 1993

Vladimir Kramnik, born in Russia in 1975, was the world chess champion for 7 years after defeating
Kasparov in 2000. Kramnik suffers from arthritis which causes him great physical discomfort while playing, but that never broke his strong spirit. In 2019, he resigned from professional chess.

Alexei Shirov was born in Riga in 1972 and learned Chess from the former chess champion, Mikhail
Tal. At the age of 22 he became the second best player in the world, moved to Spain for many years and returned to Latvia, after marrying his 3rd wife.

In 1993 the two met in Groningen, Holland. One of their games became famous after Kramnik, in
Black, failed to see a creative move which would probably have won the game....
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