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Dvirnyy vs. Shirov
Online 2020

Can you guess what Shirov will play as Black?

This game is considered the best one of the 2020 FIDE Chess Olympiad - mainly because of Black’s next move.
Let’s see if you can find it!


Check Your Answer Down Below!


“My Kingdom for a Horse!”

Dvirnyy vs. Shirov, Online 2020

We’ve already met Alexey Shirov on our previous episodes. Shirov, who moved from Latvia to play under the Spanish flag, was rated the second-best player in the world in his peak, and is known for his great strategic game.

In 2020 he met Danyyil Dvirnyy in the FIDE Chess Olympiad, which was held online due to Covid 19. Dvirnyy was born in Russia but moved to Italy as a kid.

We are 23 moves into the game. Shirov, in Black, is building his delicate trap. As you can see, he already suggested to exchange a Rook for the White light Bishop, but Dvirnyy realized this is too dangerous and is now suggesting to exchange Queens, instead.
What would you do as Black?
Well, Shirov has a master plan in his head...
Watch the video for more!

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