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Galliamova vs. Kashlinskaya
Moscow 2020

Black (Kashlinskaya) to Play.
3 moves and White resigns
Can you see the winning sequence?


Check Your Answer Down Below!


“It’s too crowded!”

Galliamova vs. Kashlinskaya, Moscow 2020

Alina Kashlinskaya is a Russian WGM who took the European Women's Championship in 2019 when she was 26. She is married to a Russian GM.

In 2020 she met Alisa Galliamova in the Russian Women Championship, held in Moscow.

We are 36 moves into the game...
Kashlinskaya, in Black, played the King’s Indian defense, in which there is usually a race between Black’s attack on King’s side and White’s attack on Queen’s side.

Kashlinskaya is down a piece, however has a very strong attack on the open H file.
Galliamova, in White, has crowded her defense on her King side, and her passed pawn is marching fast towards promotion on the open A file.

Now, let this endgame start - Watch the video for more!

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